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Accident Analysis

Early Analysis Video Series

Early Analysis

The Air Safety Institute gives an early look into the factors surrounding crashes and addresses notable portions of the flight and highlights areas the NTSB will probe to determine a probable cause.

Accident Case Studies

Explore why these pilots ignored the warning signs and pressed on under adverse circumstances.

Real Pilot Stories

Pilots share their mistakes so you can learn from their slip-ups while comfortable on the ground instead of the hard way, like they did, in flight.

Training Proficiency

Beyond Proficient

This inspiring series helps pilots fly safely while operating in unique and challenging real-world situations.

Peak Performance Video Series

Peak Performance

Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute on exciting journeys as we explore high-risk, high-performing flight operations where pilots and crews push themselves and their aircraft to the edge of performance, doing so safely.


These short video clips lift the curtain on what’s expected from the other side of the mic.

ASI Safety Tips

Easy to absorb and quick to recall when you need them most, these suggestions come in handy from taxi to touchdown.

Companion Copilot Video Series for Non-pilots

Companion Copilot Series

Share these videos with your frequent non-pilot passengers so they can learn more about how to help and enjoy being an active participant in the flight.

View ASI Webinars

Webinar Recordings

Our webinars bring you impactful, challenging topics to make you a safer pilot. Watch any you missed.

Safety Videos

Pilot Short Stories

Listen in as pilots share flight experiences that put their skills to the test.

Reality Check

ASI’s Reality Check series examines the theoretical versus the actual as we apply aviation theories, myths, and book values to actual flying scenarios.

Avoiding Common Damage Causes

Avoiding Common Aircraft Damage Causes

This video series focuses ways to reduce your chances of needing costly aircraft repairs.

Safety Videos

Video topics cover fuel management, collision avoidance, weather, passenger briefings, emergency procedures, survival tips, and more.

Pilot Safety Announcements

These short spoofs take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the mishaps that can befall pilots who take a cavalier approach to flying safely.