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Aircraft & Ownership

Whether you're interested in purchasing your first aircraft, or upgrading to another, AOPA offers a wealth of resources to assist.
Aircraft Owership

Buying and Selling an Aircraft

Need help with buying or selling an aircraft? Find it here. Check out the resource pages for an overview of all aspects of the purchasing process or click on the Quick Links to access specific information.

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Take a look at our resource pages:

Tips for First Time Buyers


Maintenance & Inspections

Find out what you can do yourself!

Here are resources for everything maintenance - from preventive maintenance that an aircraft owner can do, himself, to required aircraft inspections.

Maintenance and Inspections


Co-Ownership can be rewarding

Sharing the cost and responsibility for an aircraft is an attractive arrangement for many aircraft owners. Read about co-ownership agreements and decide if this might work for you.

Details of co-ownership

Flying Clubs are a great alternative

Flying clubs allow members to share the cost and the availability of club aircraft. It's an affordable arrangement for many who do not fly often enough to offset the cost of sole aircraft ownership.


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