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Focused Flight Review

Want to have a meaningful, fun flight review that challenges your knowledge and skills while making you a safer pilot? Go beyond the basics with the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Focused Flight Review profiles. Choose from a series of tailored lesson plans like mountain flying, IFR proficiency, positive aircraft control, and others that focus on your specific training goals. The engaging program also includes profiles for helicopter and seaplane operations to strengthen performance in other types of aircraft.

Complete your next flight review in three easy steps:

  1. Choose a profile.
  2. Share it with your flight instructor.
  3. Conduct the review.

Afterwards, send us your feedback. We’d love to hear how it went and how we can improve the program for your next flight review.

Focused Flight Review Profiles:

airplane in a turn with green field angled in viewPositive Aircraft Control
This profile's emphasis is on maneuvering in dynamic flight environments with extra attention paid to maneuvers such as slow flight, stall recognition and recovery, and spin awareness and avoidance.

glass panel detail view of flight path the weatherIFR Proficiency
This profile's emphasis is on safely operating IFR and responding to abnormal and emergency situations in instrument meteorologic conditions (IMC). Additionally, this profile includes all areas of operation and tasks required for an instrument proficiency check (IPC) per FAR 61.57(d).

Cessna 172 taking off from a runway straight on viewBeyond the Basics: LTT & E3
This profile is an advanced profile intended for proficient pilots and instructors looking to enhance their ability to recognize and avoid scenarios that may lead to loss of control. This includes concepts and exercises from Rich Stowell’s Learn to Turn program (LTT) and Ed Wischmeyer’s Expanded Envelope Exercises® (E3) that emphasize coordinated flight while managing distractions. The profile also includes a guide for pilots and instructors new to LTT and E3.

Husky aircraft flying near mountain rangeMountain and Backcountry Flying
This profile, designed for pilots who already have mountain/backcountry experience, includes emphasis on maneuvering in mountainous terrain with extra attention paid to high density altitude operations, operating to and from airports in remote areas, and emergency maneuvers.

This profile, designed specifically for seaplane pilots, includes emphasis on maneuvering in dynamic flight environments with extra attention paid to seaplane specific topics such as assessing water conditions, docking and undocking, and considerations for airframe icing.

Helicopter in field preparing for take offHelicopters
This profile, designed specifically for helicopter pilots, includes emphasis on concepts and maneuvers unique to helicopter flight such as the height-velocity diagram, low rotor RPM recognition and recovery, and stabilized hovering.