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Safety to Go

Safety-To-Go Program

Enhance your next safety meeting, event, or hangar-flying session with popular seminar presentations from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. Each presentation package comes complete with PowerPoint slides and presenter notes that can be downloaded straight to your computer.

Note: An AOPA web account, free or paid-member, is required to download the presentations. If you do not have one, you can create one as part of your download.

Air Safety Institute programs are funded by safety-conscious pilots like you. Please consider a donation to keep these programs free and accessible.

Collision Course: Avoiding Airborne Traffic

The “big sky” can get awfully small when multiple aircraft are in the vicinity. Even with today’s modern cockpit displays and ATC support, close calls happen too frequently, and midair collisions still happen. This presentation looks at the problem from a risk management perspective, identifies high-risk scenarios and locations, and lays out strategies for avoiding them.
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Do the Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots

It's a sad fact of aviation that, every year, approximately 75 percent of all aircraft accidents are caused by pilot error, with a very large number the direct result of poor decisions. Good decision making, judgment, and risk management isn’t a course—it's a way of life, particularly for pilots faced with critical choices. It means doing the right thing when nobody is watching, even though it might be inconvenient or expensive. This presentation looks at factors affecting poor decision making and offers advice on how to improve decision making before each flight.
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Safety To Go: Emergency Presentation

Emergency! Getting it Right When Things Go Wrong

We spend time training for them, but real-world emergencies are rare enough that it’s easy to get complacent. They don’t always happen to “other pilots,” though, and preparation can make a big difference when things don’t go as planned. This presentation includes expert tips on handling a variety of scenarios, how to keep abnormal situations from becoming full-blown emergencies, and advice on keeping critical problems under control.
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Fly by Night

Especially in light aircraft, flying after dark comes with real trade-offs. Smooth air, better performance, and stunning views are great—but they’re offset by trickier landings, invisible terrain, and limited emergency options. So, what’s the key to staying safe after sundown? This presentation looks at night flying from a risk management perspective. Using decades of accident data, we identify common problems and recommend the best ways to avoid them.
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Say Again? Radio Communications Done Right

Effective radio communication reduces pilot workload and stress, and enhances safety. It’s an important skill to acquire—and one to hone. This presentation will guide pilots through the principles of proper radio etiquette to improve clarity in radio transmissions, which ultimately improves general aviation safety.
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Air Safety Institute's Scalable Safety Framework

Scalable Safety Framework

Are you part of a flying club or other aviation organization? Download the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Scalable Safety Framework (SSF) presentation—a PowerPoint with a supporting PDF—to help your group formulate, implement, and sustain a safety culture.
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