Breaking news: Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) has introduced a “manager’s amendment” to H.R. 4, a bill meant to provide long-term FAA funding. The amendment would remove the U.S. ATC system from the FAA and allow it to be run by a board where the airlines will have unparalleled control. AOPA urges pilots to contact their member of Congress today. Learn more
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Datalink WeatherDatalink Weather Choices and Capabilities

Choices and Capabilities

Datalink weather ranks as one of GA’s great technological advances. But clear information about datalink service options can be hard to find, and there’s sometimes confusion about the 2020 ADS-B mandate (which does not require pilots to use ADS-B In/FIS-B weather). This video takes a detailed look at the two providers—SiriusXM and ADS-B In/FIS-B—comparing modes of delivery, weather products, and other pros and cons to help pilots of all aircraft types decide which best fits their needs.   


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SiriusXM provides key features and benefits not offered by ADS-B Weather (FIS-B)
From wheels up to wheels down, you can have superior graphical weather at your fingertips to maximize your situational awareness and comfort. SiriusXM provides key features and benefits not offered by ADS-B Weather (FIS-B). Whether you fly a Light Sport Aircraft at 1,500 feet, a Corporate Jet at FL450, or anything in between, SiriusXM helps you fly with confidence.