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Accident AnalysisAccident Analysis

Why spend time reading about all the things that can go wrong? Because when we learn from the mistakes of others, things are much more likely to go right.

ASI Accident Database

One of the ASI’s major roles is analyzing and cataloguing aircraft accidents. Here you can perform basic searches, set up highly specific criteria, or just browse through reports.

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Accident categories:

Preliminary: A very brief description with occasional errors and generally limited data. Usually available within 2 weeks.

Factual: A more detailed report with the facts: generally about 6 months.

Final: Complete report with probable cause assigned at 9-24 months.

ASI acknowledges the technical assistance of the NTSB, the FAA, and the generous donation of AOPA Hat in the Ring member Mike Lazar, and the Emil Buehler Trust, which made this online database possible. ASI programs are primarily funded by tax-deductible donations from pilots like you. Make a contribution to GA safety.

Major Accident Causes

Find updated statistics on specific types of accidents by clicking on the buttons below. Data are updated each April to be current through the end of the preceding calendar year. With occasional exceptions, you’ll find annual numbers of accidents of that type and a breakdown into more specific categories, each covering the most recent 10-year period for which the NTSB’s investigations are reasonably complete.

Interactive Accident Maps

Every flight is different … but GA accidents follow well-worn patterns. Whether heedless, hapless, or simply clueless, pilots keep falling into the same traps. ASI's Interactive Accident Map lets you find the locations and details of recent accidents that fit those classic patterns.

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Nall Report

This annual safety report presents an overview of the previous year's general aviation accident statistics, including trends and contributing factors.

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Stall and Spin Accidents

Pilots who believe that aerobatic training will enable a recovery from an inadvertent spin in the traffic pattern are fooling themselves. That myth—and other misconceptions about stalls and spins in GA aircraft—is explored in this Air Safety Institute study.

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Featured Accidents

Bimonthly accident reports featured in the AOPA ePilot newsletter.

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