Breaking news: Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) has introduced a “manager’s amendment” to H.R. 4, a bill meant to provide long-term FAA funding. The amendment would remove the U.S. ATC system from the FAA and allow it to be run by a board where the airlines will have unparalleled control. AOPA urges pilots to contact their member of Congress today. Learn more
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International and Cross-Border TravelInternational and Cross-Border Travel

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Transatlantic Flights

Occasionally, AOPA members ask about flying their general aviation aircraft to Europe. Though not commonly done, it certainly is possible with the right equipment and significant pre-planning.

eAPIS Frequently Asked Questions

AOPA continues to work with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to obtain clarification for Members’ concerns regarding eAPIS. Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


The overall purpose of Cabotage rules are to prohibit foreign aircraft from one country traveling into another country and picking up foreign nationals or citizens of the other foreign country and providing transportation to and between points within that foreign country.