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December Briefing

First Look: An all-season AirCam

December Briefing

AOPA 172 Sweepstakes: Light bright

Tom Tippin probably isn’t the first high schooler to skip school on his sixteenth birthday. But he is one of very few to solo three classic taildraggers on his birthday with his famous father signing the logbook and cutting off his shirttail.

Aaron Tippin's son solos three 1940s classics on 16th birthday

The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum houses the Howard Hughes designed Spruce Goose, one of the largest aircraft ever built, in McMinnville, Oregon. Photo by David Tulis.

Inside the Spruce Goose

Tecnam P2002 Sierra MkII photo courtesy of Tecnam.

Tecnam P2002 Sierra gets luxury upgrade

The USS Arizona burning after the Japanese attack on Dec. 7, 1941. U.S. Navy archival photo.

Events remember Pearl Harbor

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Declaring an emergency

There is always a wish to avoid declaring an emergency in flight, because of the mythical “paperwork” or the modern equivalent of the Inquisition that will follow. Instructors often try to pound it into students’ heads that declaring an emergency is not a big deal. The problem is, most instructors have never had to declare ...
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