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Avoiding Hard Landings

A bounced or firm landing is typically not a hard landing. So, what is a hard landing? It happens when an airplane stalls or drops onto the runway with too high a vertical speed, resulting in damage to the aircraft. It’s not just the landing gear that takes the hit—structural damage also extends to the firewall and engine mount, fuselage skin, wings, and so on.

In Avoiding Hard Landings, our ASI team examines key causes that lead to hard landings. They also offer suggestions for making smooth landings your passengers—and your pocketbook—will appreciate.

Also, learn how a great flying exercise can polish your touchdown skills as you prepare to flare!

Tablet: Compatible
Length: 4 mins
Topic: Aeronautical Decision Making, Flight Planning and Preflight
Accident Forgiveness: Eligible*

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  1. Avoiding LOC-G
  2. Avoiding Hard Landings – This video
  3. Avoiding Prop Strikes
  4. Avoiding Gear-Up Landings and Collapses

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