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Cessna 182

The new AOPA sweepstakes airplane

Meet the Cessna 182 Skylane.
Photography by David Tulis.
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Photography by David Tulis.

A step up from a Cessna 150 or 172, the Skylane can haul more, and fly higher, faster, and longer. With that added ability comes some added power and complexity, and the pilot will need to earn their high-performance endorsement and learn the basics of controllable pitch propellers and cowl flaps. Notoriously nose heavy, these airplanes take a little extra back-pressure especially during landing, and you’ll have to be more active with the trim. A transition from a Cessna 172 will take a couple hours at most.

The best feature of the 182s is that they are very capable airplanes and not overly specialized right out of the factory for a certain type of flying. Cruising at around 139 knots and with a service ceiling high enough to get you past the Rockies, they’re great cross-country travelers and at home in the backcountry. Skylanes can easily outhaul most tandem taildraggers but still can fly slow enough and climb well enough, for extended camping trips and wilderness adventures.

And great news: You can win a Skylane of your very own! The next AOPA Sweepstakes airplane is this beautiful 1958 Cessna 182, which is in the process of getting the resto-mod treatment. It’ll keep its classic good looks and get a panel upgrade that keeps its vintage aesthetics in mind. If you’re a member, you’re already entered to win—check out our website to see other ways to enter. 

No purchase or contribution necessary to enter or win. Void where prohibited. Ends 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on June 30, 2025. For complete details, eligibility requirements, rules, and a full list of contributors, visit Sponsor: AOPA
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Alyssa J. Miller
Alicia Herron
Publications Content Producer
Publications Content Producer Alicia Herron joined AOPA in 2018. She is a multiengine-rated commercial pilot with advanced ground and instrument flight instructor certificates. She is based in Los Angeles and enjoys tailwheel flying best.

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