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    Career flying

    Getting ready for class

    When you get the call for a new hire class, it’s quite a thrill. But it can also leave you scrambling to get ready to check out of the real world for six to eight weeks. Getting ready for class is similar to getting ready for your interview. The first thing you need to do ...
    GA community

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    An excellent artifice to take stock of the status of one’s situation as a pilot is to focus on what one is excited about. We all know what it was like to tell war stories as a student pilot about light to moderate crosswinds, which was at the time the most exciting thing to happen ...
    Career flying

    Behind the scenes

    Like any other industry, aviation has a lot of stuff that happens “behind the scenes” that the average Joe isn’t aware of. In fact, often people within that industry may not be aware of some of it either. After all, how often do you go to a restaurant and think about all the stuff that ...
    Robert DeLaurentis

    Silencing the naysayers

    Flying in “cabin class comfort?” Sometimes we are motivated as much by those people that say we can’t do something as by those that say we can! On my 2019-2020 Polar Circumnavigation the voices and comments of the naysayers were alive and well. One of these comments came from a retired 747 captain who said, ...
    Career flying

    Sports charters

    As we move into spring and summer, the airlines are heading into some of the busiest charter work that they do: basketball tournaments and Major League Baseball. Charters are not the money-makers that they used to be, but they still turn a guaranteed profit for the airlines, and they are an important part of the ...

    Anticipating Break-up of Alaska’s Rivers: Pilot Observations Needed

    As the long, cold and dark part of the year departs, break-up of Alaska’s rivers is getting underway.  The National Weather Service expects this that year, it could trend toward more of a mechanical event, with ice jams and flooding being more likely in some parts of the state.  NWS Hydrologist Crane Johnson presented the ...
    Aircraft ownership and maintenance

    Into the Alligator’s Mouth: Installment 3

    As  usual  Mother Nature gave me some real-world experience which challenged my own personal minimums on a recent flight.   I head to the Pacific Northwest monthly for business. Having my own personal time machine has allowed me to realize the dream of living and working in two very different states. Planning for a 4.5-hour trip ...

    Extracting Visibility Information from Weather Cameras

    Deriving visibility information from weather cameras has been in the works for several years—and you may be in a position to help determine if it is ready for prime time.  The Visibility Estimation through Image Analytics (VEIA) Program looks at FAA weather camera images and derives an estimate of the visibility using an automated comparison ...
    Career flying

    Sterile cockpit

    A headline of late was of a pilot in the San Jose, California, area going on a rant that was broadcast on the radio. This is not the first time this has happened, and it probably won’t be the last. The usual culprit is a stuck mic switch. The FAA has announced an investigation into ...
    Robert DeLaurentis

    ‘Citizen of the World’s’ STEM education makeover!

    About four months after the Citizen of the World returned to the United States from her record setting polar circumnavigation, she went in for new paint and interior at Art-Craft Paint, Inc. in Santa Maria, California. The Citizen had earned the major makeover after enduring some of the roughest treatment Mother Nature could throw her ...
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