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Rules to Live By

Safety SPOTLIGHT: Survive

white cup with a red strip sitting on a grassy field

If you're lucky, you will never need to use your survival skills and gear. But if the time comes that you need them, you will never regret your forethought, preparation, training, and gear acquisition.

Keep These Points in Mind:

  • Remember that survival is an individual responsibility.
  • Mental and physical preparation is key—and in a catastrophe is as important as having the right gear.
  • Dress for the weather on the ground.
  • Train in survival skills in the off chance you might need them.
  • Improve your communication to improve your odds of survival after an accident.
  • Communicate with people at both ends of your trip so someone is expecting you.
  • File a flight plan or use flight following to likely decrease rescue time.
  • Brief your passengers not only on seatbelts and exits, but also on where survival and rescue equipment are located and how to use them.