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Advancing aviation safety, connectivity

Explore the uAvionix 'connected cockpit'

In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation technology, uAvionix stands out as a pioneer in advancing safety and connectivity within the cockpit.

From its early days innovating the skyBeacon and tailBeacon ADS-B transmitters, to the more recent skySensor TSO and Sentry ADS-B receivers, uAvionix’s innovation continues to push the envelope for pilots’ benefit. Now at the forefront of this innovation are the AV-30 Primary Flight Displays and complementary AV-Link, AV-APA, and AV-HSI accessories. Together, these components form the backbone of the uAvionix "connected cockpit," seamlessly integrating critical flight data, navigation aids, and external information sources to enhance situational awareness and streamline pilot workload.

The AV-APA (or Analog Port Adapter) serves as a vital component within the connected cockpit ecosystem. By providing a connection to legacy autopilots, such as those made by S-TEC, the AV-APA ensures that pilots have an incremental path to modernizing their aircraft without the need for a full panel replacement. The enabled features such as GPS Track Hold and GPS Steering reduce pilot workload and modernize the functionality of aging autopilots.

Accompanying the AV-APA is the AV-HSI (horizontal situation indicator), which expands the aircraft’s navigational capabilities by displaying crucial VFR and IFR guidance information such as course deviation, waypoint tracking, and glide slope. Pilots can easily visualize their position relative to desired flight paths, waypoints, and airport locations, empowering them to make informed navigation decisions with confidence, and replace aging HSI instruments in the process.

While the improved ability to interface with an aircraft’s existing avionics is vital, the true power of uAvionix's connected cockpit lies in its ability to integrate beyond the confines of the panel. With Wi-Fi connectivity provided through AV-Link, and integration with electronic flight bag (EFB) applications like ForeFlight, pilots for the first time will be able to experience the power of fully connecting a modern EFB interface to the aircraft’s systems. It will, for example, allow flight planning and guidance information from the EFB to be displayed on the AV-30, simplified control of transponder squawk codes and current altimeter settings, and high-quality aircraft GPS, attitude, and air data to be made available to the EFB. This seamless integration between cockpit avionics and digital resources empowers pilots to make proactive decisions based on the latest information, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Moreover, uAvionix's commitment and innovation in ADS-B technology further elevates the capabilities of the connected cockpit. By receiving and broadcasting ADS-B traffic data, pilots gain unprecedented situational awareness of nearby aircraft, facilitating collision avoidance and traffic separation. This real-time exchange of data lays the foundation for a future where connected cockpits can share not only their position, but also intentions (such as an autopilot’s Set Altitude or Next Waypoint) with others in the airspace. How’s that for ‘staying connected’?

The implications of such interconnectedness, both within the aircraft and beyond, are profound. When combined with the ability to provide guidance to both analog and digital autopilots, uAvionix envisions a path to bringing safety and efficiency improvements through autonomy. From understanding the location and intent of others in the airspace, to providing the ability to autonomously navigate and provide positive aircraft control in an emergency, the connected cockpit heralds a new era of aviation where collaboration and communication among aircraft create a safer and more open airspace for all.

Topics: Automation, Avionics, Situational Awareness


uAvionix is a dynamic and hardworking U.S. based avionics company focused on providing solutions for the UAS/UAV, and General Aviation markets. The company's current focus is in ADS-B, Mode C/S transponder, Electronic Conspicuity, and GPS solutions for these markets.