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Created by Textron Aviation

The Best Just Got Better

They used to say the sky’s the limit. But, we have always been committed to pushing the bounds of what they thought we could achieve.

With bold, innovative updates to the legendary line of Cessna® piston aircraft, the sky – and your adventures in it – has no limits. If you have adventure in your blood, freedom in your DNA and are a horizon-chaser with a sense of style, look no further. The refreshed family of iconic Cessna® piston aircraft has what you’re looking for.

This reliable, most-popular family of piston airplanes is now better than ever, whether you are looking to train in your very own versatile Cessna® Skyhawk® aircraft, planning an adventure in your new Cessna® Skylane® piston, wanting to turbocharge your life in your Cessna® Turbo Skylane® aircraft or blending mature utility with pure comfort in your personal Cessna® Turbo Stationair® piston.

Making the best better

How can you enhance a family of legendary piston airplanes? By updating seats for maximum comfortability with contrasting stitching and embroidered model numbers for added style. Freshly reimagined side panels and added pockets for storing your pilot essentials.

Elevated comfort and convenience for the flight crew and passengers doesn’t stop there. New air vents, redesigned window locks, and, in the Skylane®, Turbo Skylane® and Turbo Stationair®, a new flight deck armrest. Plus, for airplanes with Kelly Air Conditioning installed, new Textron-engineered overhead integrated air conditioning keeps you cool throughout your adventure.

To power your Cessna® experience, the piston family now features modern 6-pin powered headset plugs, and USB outlets with A and C charging ports at each seat station. Inside, the refreshed interior design is rounded out with a new sleek, black instrument panel. Outside, choose between stylish new standard paint schemes. As a pilot, your Cessna® airplane is more than your partner in adventure, your aircraft is an extension of you and your unique style. From taxi to pattern, until the prop stops turning and the ground phase of your adventure begins.

Not just a brand, but a lifestyle

The legendary Cessna® piston airplanes are creating a new legacy for today’s adventurers. With a range of new high-tech features, a sleek modern interior and exterior design options. What’s not to love?

Where will you go next in your Cessna® piston?

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