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Created by Textron Aviation

In the Aviation World, The King is King

There’s a new meaning to work-life balance. It’s called the BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 360, your 7 day-a-week turboprop. Consider this your invitation to work and play among the clouds.

As an owner-operator you’re committed to delivering the best for your clients, your team or even your family. You’re known for your dedication to high performance. With the Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop, you can take that dedication even further. Because with the King Air 360 aircraft, the horizon is quite literally your front yard. With a takeoff distance of only 3,300 feet and rugged landing gear, you can take off and land on unimproved runways, getting places other aircraft can’t. And whether your work is cargo, passengers, or special missions, the flexible reconfigurable interiors are easily adaptable to whatever the operation requires. With IS&S THRUSTSENSE AUTOTHROTTLE to reduce pilot workload, responsive handling, and cutting-edge touch screen avionics, the King Air turboprop is a pleasure to fly.

That’s the business end of the King Air 360 aircraft. When the work week is finished, the weekends start at 35,000 feet. You’ll appreciate the reliability of two powerful Pratt & Whitney engines. Your friends and family will appreciate the more comfortable feeling of the lower cabin pressure.  With a useful load of over five thousand pounds, room for up to 11 passengers including gear, it’s the ultimate family ride. Skiing? Snowboarding? Mountains? Beach? The possibilities are endless.

With the King Air 360 turboprop, you’re taking life to the next level.  

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