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Created by Vintage Bikes

Vintage Electric rolls out most powerful electric bikes yet

Vintage blends timeless design of classic motorsport with the best in electric vehicle technology. We treat our customers like family and are always just a phone call away.

Joining the best of the past with the future, Vintage Electric is proud to launch the world’s most powerful line of EV throttle bikes with their new 72 Volt Performance Line. Famously known for engineering bikes featuring best-in-class EV power with the timeless design of motordrome board track racers from the golden age of racing, the gorgeous new Vintage Roadster, Scrambler, and Shelby are now available for sale. At the center of the all-new 72 Volt Performance Line is the company’s industry-leading 72-volt battery. With a classic design reminiscent of the V-Twin motorcycle stack in a cafe racer, the new Vintage Electric battery is made for carving up mountain roads, coastal beach trails, and hillsides with ease.

“Our all-new 72 Volt Performance Line is highlighted by the very best battery that Vintage could engineer in terms of power, acceleration, longevity, and rechargeability,” comments Vintage Founder and Lead Designer Andrew Davidge. “Riders will find the Vintage Roadster, Scrambler, and Shelby to be a trio of comfortable high-performance bikes which are durable, dependable, and most importantly, blow the doors off every other ebike on the road. Our 2023 models are the best throttle bikes that our company has made to date.”

The power of the Vintage 72 Volt Performance Line far exceeds that of any other EV bikes in their class. These brand-new Vintage throttle bikes provide riders with three times the torque of previous Vintage Electric models, incorporating a 750W motor in the stock bike alongside a special upgraded high-performance 4000W ‘Race Mode’ key option. Excellent torque power is a must for tackling hills, so for the all-new series of high-performance bikes, Vintage made sure riders would never be left with a guttered-out battery on an uphill climb.

Intuitively, the 72 Volt Performance Line’s easy-to-use interface allows for on-demand acceleration via the high-quality thumb throttle with five power modes for speeds up to 40 mph (in Race Mode). Focused on providing riders with the very best battery technology available, Vintage Electric’s new 72 Volt Line features 1,152 wH batteries. Charging time has been decreased down to 3 hours and allows for a range of up to 75 miles out on the open road, offering exceptional power and unparalleled battery life for lengthy rides anywhere.

Optimized for performance and comfort, the design of the new 72 Volt Performance line starts with exceptionally made durable high-quality hydroformed aluminum frames made to work in perfect concert with the potent batteries. Double adjustable inverted suspension is integrated on the front wheels to easily shrug off any rough terrain or bumps in the road, while regenerative hydraulic disc brakes recharge the batteries anytime riders stop, adding further battery life while on the go.

72v PERFORMANCE LINE from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.

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