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Created by Whittier Trust

Time Well Spent

Anyone who’s owned an aircraft knows: it can be a time-consuming proposition.

From equipment maintenance to staying up to date on tools and technologies, owners can feel hemmed in by the lengthy to-do lists essential for optimally operating their aircraft. The rise of crew resource management (CRM) has been a game-changer, and, in some cases, a lifesaver.

CRM is designed to enhance situational awareness, reduce errors, and optimize performance in complex and dynamic situations. Tools such as autopilot and altitude hold—just two examples of many—take some of the human propensity for error out of the equation. Experienced operators know that, particularly when a problem arises, relinquishing some of the arbitrary controls can free you up to take on more pressing issues.

Your Financial Wingman: Whittier Trust

If the tension of juggling the myriad responsibilities associated with aircraft ownership and the efficiency of effective CRM resonates, you might realize that similar principles apply in life, particularly when it comes to finances. If you find yourself on financial autopilot, overwhelmed with managing your assets or drifting off from your desired route, it’s essential to find a trusted partner to share the burden and keep you on course. Whittier Trust, the oldest and largest multifamily office headquartered on the west coast, does just that: their concierge-style approach helps families manage, preserve, and grow their wealth from generation to generation.

Taking a long-term view of clients' assets, Whittier Trust focuses on creating sustainable wealth for future generations. By developing comprehensive strategies that balance risk and return over a multi-decade time horizon, Whittier Trust leverages decades of expertise in investments, estate plan consulting, tax strategy and more. Having such a partner frees clients up to spend more time on better things, while knowing that everything is being handled according to their wishes. Aligning yourself with such a trusted partner is similar to acquiring the most efficient and reliable CRM tools for the cockpit. 

Engage an Ideal Crew: A Trustworthy Family Office

Just as a savvy aircraft owner needs to assemble the right tools to ensure safe operations and optimal performance, so does the successful leader of the affluent family. Partnering with a trustworthy family office can greatly reduce the stress of complex financial burdens allowing for a much smoother ride. Whittier Trust focuses on clients’ range of business, personal and family needs, and no challenge or issue is too small to warrant attention. The tailored approach means that clients enjoy the administrative ease of having a team at their disposal, thoughtful and personalized financial strategy and a deep understanding and proactive approach to navigating the emotional and relational complexities that are often in play with all families, particularly ones who have high net worth.

With such a team in place, families are better able to navigate the turbulence that can come with increased wealth. Just as an experienced flight crew is adept at handling whatever comes their way in the air, the Whittier Trust family office crew is perfectly positioned to take on clients’ needs, be they complex or simple, freeing those families up to focus on the things—and people—that matter most.

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