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FAA weather camera webinar

The FAA Weather Camera Program is an expanding network of cameras designed to make general aviation safer. Pilots, air traffic controllers, and others in the aviation community can use the cameras for preflight planning and making that critical go/no-go decision.

The FAA Weather Camera Program shows current conditions (within the last 10 minutes) and an annotated clear day image for comparison. It also saves the last six hours of data to allow pilots to view weather trends. Image courtesy of the FAA.

As the FAA plans to expand the network throughout the continental United States, the agency aims to provide educational and informational overviews to interested users of the program.

On December 6 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, the FAA will host a webinar dedicated to highlighting the benefits of the program, explaining how the cameras provide expanded safety, and providing an opportunity for the aviation community to provide feedback and request cameras in their area.

“The Weather Camera program is an example of the FAA’s commitment to bring data driven technology and innovation to the aviation community as well as increase safety by providing real time images and weather information to pilots before and during flight,” said Kathleen Edic, FAA director of Flight Service. “This program has made a significant impact in reducing weather related accidents and flight disruptions, and we are excited to work with aviation stakeholders as we plan the expansion of the camera network throughout the continental United States.”

Webinar participants can look forward to hearing from a panelist board that includes Weather Camera Program Manager Cohl Pope, AOPA Alaska Regional Manager Tom George, pilots who use the cameras, and representatives from states that are implementing the Weather Camera program.

Panelists will also answer questions after the presentation and anticipate an informed discussion about this impactful technology.

Lillian Geil

Digital Media Assistant Editor
Digital Media Assistant Editor Lillian Geil is a student pilot and a graduate of Columbia University who joined AOPA in 2021.
Topics: FAA Information and Services, Flight Planning, Weather

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