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ForeFlight releases Sentry Plus

New model features enhanced safety, longer battery life

ForeFlight’s Sentry Plus takes everything customers already love about Sentry to the next level with more safety and flying features than previous models.

ForeFlight’s newest Sentry iteration, the Sentry Plus. Photo courtesy of Sporty's Pilot Shop.

Pilots familiar with ForeFlight, its flight app, and its suite of Sentry products have come to appreciate the peace of mind that flying with Sentry can bring. From ADS-B traffic advisories to Flight Information Services-Broadcast weather and carbon monoxide monitoring, Sentry continues to raise the bar with each iteration of Sentry models.

ForeFlight’s newest addition to the Sentry family, the Sentry Plus, includes all of the features of the Sentry and Sentry Mini and adds features like subscription-free ADS-B weather, 18 hours of battery life, an OLED display, G-load meter, on-device track logging, Auto On/Off, and more.

“Sentry Plus receives all the weather products transmitted by the FAA, including icing forecasts and cloud tops,” with no monthly subscription, according to Sporty's Pilot Shop. As long as users are in range of a ground station, weather will continue to refresh.

From takeoff to landing, the Sentry Plus will automatically and continuously record GPS position, altitude, G-load, and AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)-derived attitude. The flights are organized by power-on time and groundspeed and the track logs can be automatically imported into ForeFlight. Sentry Plus can store up to 16 flights internally. Sentry Plus is also GPS jam-resistant. Using its multi-constellation GPS receiver, it will automatically switch to the European Galileo satellite constellation should the U.S. system become jammed or unavailable. Sentry Plus also works with on-board Wi-Fi systems.

Sentry Plus features a dual band ADS-B receiver and allows pilots to see traffic from other aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out and from ground stations via Traffic Information Service-Broadcast. For European users, Sentry Plus is equipped with a dedicated FLARM receiver. According to Sporty’s Pilot Shop, “FLARM is a short-range collision avoidance technology, particularly popular in Europe and among glider pilots, that uses small, transponder-like devices to transmit aircraft position. Requires additional license from ForeFlight; optimized for European frequencies.”

Sentry Plus’s built-in barometric pressure sensor allows ForeFlight to display both pressure altitude and GPS altitude. This, coupled with ForeFlight’s automatic Cabin Pressure Advisor, makes flying at higher altitudes safer by alerting pilots when they may need oxygen by displaying a message whenever cabin altitude exceeds 12,000 or 25,000 feet.

Just like the Sentry, Sentry Plus includes a carbon monoxide monitor and alarm. To take it a step further the Sentry Plus has a more sensitive CO sensor to detect potential CO exposure sooner. To mitigate nuisance alerts, pilots will get a yellow alert when CO is elevated, and a red alert if it continues to rise. The CO sensor lasts for 10 years and can work without the ForeFlight app.

As with all Sentry products, Sentry Plus comes with a charging cable (no plug), suction cup mount, carrying case, and instructional guide. It costs $799 and does not include a ForeFlight subscription. It can be purchased at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Niki Britton

eMedia Content Producer
eMedia Content Producer Niki Britton joined AOPA in 2021. She is a private pilot who enjoys flying her 1969 Cessna 182 and taking aerial photographs.
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