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About the Airport Support Network

What Is the AOPA Airport Support Network?

Promote, Protect, and Defend America's Community Airports

AOPA's goal is to have an Airport Support Network (ASN) volunteer at every public-use airport in the United States.

Why the AOPA Airport Support Network program?

Pressure on public and privately owned airports continues to mount. This pressure takes many forms, including curfews, noise restrictions, lack of improvements, residential encroachment, and even calls to close the airport.

Often, the general aviation community is totally unaware of what's boiling in the pot concerning their airport—until it is too late to turn the tide. Knowing what's happening in the political environment surrounding a local airport is of the utmost importance if we are going to preserve our general aviation infrastructure into the foreseeable future. The more time available in which to counter negatives about a local airport, the higher the possibility for preserving the airport or avoiding restrictions.

The AOPA Airport Support Network provides the vehicle for AOPA members to work in concert with AOPA to establish that early warning system.

What does it take to volunteer?

AOPA will appoint one member who will act as a volunteer and be our "eyes and ears" at every public-use airport across the United States.

To sign up, you'll need:

  • To be a current AOPA member.
  • Internet and e-mail access.
  • To nominate yourself or someone else via the online nomination form.
  • To agree to our Conditions of Appointment (it's a written agreement, which will be sent to you once you have filled out the nomination form. It's just a few guidelines, mostly describing what volunteers do.)

What should volunteers do?

  • Be a liaison to local pilots and/or local pilot groups, airport management, etc. at the airport.
  • Monitor and report to AOPA on city and county (sponsor) meetings and notify AOPA of pending problems that may arise.
  • Notify AOPA of any questionable operational restrictions (curfews, noise abatement procedures).
  • Assist in direct/indirect promotion of local airport activity to enhance favorable image of airport (i.e., open housesairport support groups, and more).
  • Help educate local officials and community neighbors about the value of their airport.
  • Provide local newspaper clips and media alerts on airport issues to AOPA Airport Support Network staff.

What do I get for being a volunteer?

  • Certificate of Appointment
  • Invitations to special AOPA Airport Support Network-only dinners, meetings, and events in your area.
  • Access to the AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteers-Only Area of the AOPA Web site.
  • Access to AOPA Airport Support Network-only message boards to share stories, ideas, and questions with fellow volunteers.
  • Listing on AOPA Web site.
  • E-mail alerts on important issues