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AOPA Flight Training Advantage (AFTA)


Earn $ When You and Your Students Use AFTA

For a limited time, we are offering financial incentives to flight training providers who sign up to use AFTA:

  • Receive $50 for each student who completes an initial pilot certificate using AFTA
  • If the instructor is a current AOPA member, the incentive increases to $100 per student completion

*Must meet minimum usage requirements. Click Here for incentive terms and conditions. For information on how to request your incentives, please email [email protected].


See a list of all your students and access their records, including their next lesson plan, with a single touch. Notifications tell you if a student is out of currency. When integrated with a partner scheduling system, see your lesson schedule for the next two days and fleet-related notifications.


Not every lesson involves a CFI and student flying together, but you still want to keep a record of that time. Use the "Deviate" button to easily record simulator lessons, solo flights, extra ground school time, and other training events.

Preflight Briefing

See all the elements of the upcoming lesson along with the most recent scores for any maneuvers the student has performed in the past. New and review items are highlighted with tags. Ready to get in the air? Tap the "Go Fly" button to launch the lesson.

Teaching Tips

Find additional information on every activity in the FAA ACS. Get tips from experienced instructors and see common errors, standards, checklist items, regulations, preparation guidance, simulator recommendations, and more.

AFTA Features

  • Instantly create lessons based on student performance
  • Quickly grade every maneuver in flight
  • Simplify record keeping
  • Automatically assign homework
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AFTA is free to flight instructors, flight schools, and current AOPA members.

The activity index is one of my favorite parts. It shows you the PTS/ACS standards, tips for teaching for the instructor, and common errors the student could make, this is so helpful for me as an instructor because that information is all inside the app for me.

Eliza Ferguson

CFI (CHS Flight School)

We are really enjoying the app. It makes my job as a CFI easier. It's nice to have the students see their progress and have a 'finish line.'

Sara Solesbee

CFI (Stratos Aviation)

I really like how easy it is for me to add activities to the lessons. I have continued to do what the app suggests but continued on our pre-solo lessons too. We have had massive crosswinds with the hurricanes coming so I was able to add crosswind takeoffs and landings easy peasy. It is easy to use in the cockpit... I would even grade Ethan for the first landing, then change it when it was better after the next, etc. Skipping items was easy too... I like that I could apply the reason for skipping to all items rather than one at a time. The activity index is so cool. I showed my other instructor and couldn't stop gushing about the study prep links and the activity index.

Madeleine Musial

Owner/CFI (Fly Away Flight Training)