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Member Drone Discounts

AOPA members get many exclusive savings on courses, training, events, and more. Through this free benefit, AOPA membership could more than pay for itself! Please check back often for new offers.

Promoting Drone Safety in 2020

uAvionix is offering pingRX and pingUSB discounts for AOPA members.

pingRX is the world’s only dual-frequency ADS-B traffic receiver for UAS Sense and Avoid. At just 5 grams, pingRX receives position reports from surrounding aircraft and displays them to the UAS pilot. MSRP $249, AOPA Members $219

pingUSB is the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable dual-band ADS-B traffic receiver. The 978MHz and 1090MHz ADS-B traffic receiver provides the locations of nearby ADS-B equipped aircraft to the drone operator either through Wi-Fi connectivity to Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications such as ForeFlight, FltPlan Go, and FlyQ, or via USB interface to PC applications such as Virtual Radar Server. Note, pingUSB does not provide ADS-B FIS-B weather data. MSRP $175, AOPA Members $155

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AOPA members are eligible to receive a 15% discount on ASA’s drone books and training.

This offer is limited to: The Droner’s Manual (hardcopy, eBook, or eBundle), Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Guide (hardcopy, eBook, or eBundle), and the Remote Pilot eKit. For complete details, please visit ASA.

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Exclusive savings on drone training through DARTdrones

AOPA members get best pricing guarantee on the Part 107 test prep and other discounts for online and in person courses.

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Save on Part 107 training with King Schools!

AOPA member discounts on the King Schools Drone Pilot License Test Prep Course. Their comprehensive online course will teach you everything you need to know to ace your Part 107 Exam with engaging video presentations and simple, clear explanations.

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