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Freedom, safety, luxury built in: Piper’s M600/SLS

Safety, luxury, and support —the Piper M600/SLS brings even more meaning to Piper’s freedom of flight legacy. 

Powered by the reliable Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A 600 shaft horsepower turboprop engine, you’ll climb high above traffic and weather in luxurious, customized comfort. Your aircraft also comes standard with HALO technology, including Garmin’s Collier Trophy-winning Emergency Autoland system. The M600/SLS was the first aircraft to reach the market with this technology, and Piper is proud to present it to you as standard equipment. You’ll feel performance and comfort in and outside the cockpit, thanks to a clean-sheet wing design, auto-throttle, and the state-of-the-art Garmin G3000 avionics package.

In addition to these features, Piper will be the first OEM to market with the latest technology from Garmin—PlaneSync. This new connected aircraft management system kit will be available later this year for the flagship M600/SLS, and allows owners to stay connected to their aircraft by remotely accessing key information about their airplane through the Garmin Pilot app, including but not limited to viewing fuel levels, oil temperature, exact aircraft location and weather, and database currency status. Another key feature of PlaneSync is that it will automatically update aircraft databases when connected via a 4G LTE connection or Wi-Fi. For information on how to obtain the kit, please reach out to your local Piper dealer.

In addition to PlaneSync, Piper has worked closely with Garmin to incorporate additional updates into the G3000 system. The software updates include enhancements to synthetic vision, onboard weather radar, taxiway routing depiction, glide range ring capabilities, and stabilized approach callouts for increased situational awareness, to name a few. 

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