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Migraine and Chronic Headache CACI

The FAA has implemented new guidelines that allow Aviation Medical Examiners to issue medical certificates without written or verbal FAA approval for certain medical conditions that previously required special issuance authorizations. With the use of certification worksheets that provide both the pilots’ treating physicians and the AME with a checklist of information needed for office certification, the process known as CACI (Conditions Aviation Medical Examiners Can Issue) is now less complex and time consuming.

You can download the Migraine and Chronic Headache worksheet and show it to your treating doctor who will provide you with the needed information outlined on the sheet. Then, take the worksheet and the medical reports to your AME who will confirm that everything on the worksheet meets the guidelines and can issue your certificate at the time of the FAA physical examination.

How/Where to Submit to the FAA

Helps you find the contact information for submitting your medical records.


Updated April 2016