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Blood Spinning

Lymphoma that responds well to treatment may be favorably considered. For special issuance consideration, you will need to provide your aviation medical examiner with the following information that will be forwarded to the FAA for certification approval:

  • All pertinent medical records (i.e. hospital records, diagnostic testing, laboratory blood work reports, treatment records).
  • A detailed, current status report from the treating physician to include date of diagnosis, medication information, current condition, treatment plan, and prognosis.

AASI for Lymphoma

After initial certification by the FAA, subsequent renewals may qualify for AME Assisted Special Issuance (AASI), a program that allows aviation medical examiners to reissue an airman medical certificate under a special issuance authorization. The authorization letter will allow the examiner to reissue the medical certificate if the applicant provides:

  • An authorization granted by the FAA
  • A current status report performed within 90 days that must include all the required follow-up items and studies as listed in the authorization letter and that confirms absence of recurrent disease.

The examiner should defer to the AMCD or Region if there has been any recurrence or progression of the disease.

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How/Where to Submit to the FAA

Helps you find the contact information for submitting your medical records.

Updated August 11, 2017