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VREF Aircraft Valuation

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This service is not designed to provide a detailed appraisal on a particular serial number. Even on the simplest aircraft, the variables are so numerous and complex that prices can and do vary even between consecutive serial numbers of the same type. An on-site inspection of the aircraft and its records by a qualified appraiser can reveal a much different value. Additionally, the aircraft resale market is a dynamic environment, and prices can change from month to month. There are many intangibles that should be considered. These include the availability of a particular model, damage history (or lack thereof), maintenance history, and quality of refurbishments and upgrades. The AOPA Aircraft Valuation Service can be used as a good starting point when attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane. However, the true value of an aircraft can only be ascertained on a case-by-case basis resulting from a mutual agreement among the buyer, seller, and lender. VREF optionally provides additional services that allow pilots to receive a more accurate appraisal and VREF Verified values. More information on upgrading to the optional, advanced VREF services can be found within the AOPA VREF app.

Users of the AOPA Aircraft Valuation Service agree to hold AOPA and VREF harmless from any and all liability related in any way to the use of the service. Click the button below to launch the free AOPA VREF Valuation Estimate app.

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