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Aircraft Title and Escrow Services

AeroSpace Reports
AOPA Strategic Partners

"At Aero-Space Reports, our title clearing specialists combine their expert knowledge with our long-standing commitment to personalized customer service."

AOPA members save $85 with Aero-Space Reports

AOPA’s Strategic Partner, Aero-Space Reports, provides Aircraft Title and Escrow Services for AOPA members.

With more than 50 years of experience, Aero-Space Reports understands that outstanding customer service and accuracy are the keys to making the aircraft purchase process as simple as possible for our members.

AOPA Members save $85 off Aero-Space Report’s $190 aircraft title package. The AOPA Strategic Partnership Package offered by Aero-Space Reports includes Aircraft Title Search, Complete Aircraft Records and Accident/Incident Report. To take advantage of this special offer, please click here

Other Services Offered by Aero-Space Reports:

Effective April 9th, 2013—AOPA Members receive a 10% discount on escrow transaction fees!

To take advantage of the discount, all a member needs to do is contact Aero-Space Reports at 800-765-2336 and provide their AOPA number.

Aircraft Title Search

Includes a formal title report starting from the first owner all the way through present. Click here to learn more.

Accident/Incident Report

Detailed report of any past accidents or incidents involving the aircraft. Click here to learn more.

Complete Aircraft Records

Assistance with aircraft registration and airworthiness documents on file with FAA. Click here to learn more.

Chain of Title

For those who have lost their registration card and need a replacement certificate. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about all the Title and Escrow Services offered by Aero-Space Report’s, visit