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  • The numbers suggest a turboprop rather than a piston single: 237 knots, an 1,840-nm range, and a 25,000-foot ceiling. But no, the latest Mooney is yet another variation on the airframe and engine combination that has served Mooney so well over the years. Mooney's Acclaim — type designator M20 TN — introduced with great fanfare at the 2006 Sun 'n Fun Fly-In is the ultimate Mooney. It replaced the Bravo as the company's flagship model. The key to the Acclaim's speed is its turbocharged, intercooled, 280-horsepower Teledyne Continental TSIO-550-G engine. A pair of Garrett turbos — one for each bank of cylinders — helps divide the compressors' workloads and give faster throttle response because of more rapid spool-up times. Mooney turbonormalized the engine by setting the turbos for a maximum manifold pressure of 33 inches. This, the company says, lets the Acclaim put out its full 280 horsepower all the way up to 20,000 feet or so, then put out some 262 horsepower up to the airplane's 25,000-foot service ceiling.

    Mooney Acclaim Fact Sheet

    Mooney Acclaim Ultra


  • Powerplant

    Continental TSIO-550-G, 280 hp

  • Propellers

    Hartzell Scimitar, three blade constant speed

  • Length

    26 ft 8 in

  • Height

    8 ft 4 in

  • Wingspan

    36 ft 6 in

  • Wing Area

  • Wing loading

    19.26 lb/sq ft

  • Power loading

    12 lb/hp

  • Cabin Width

  • Empty Weight

    2,380 lb

  • Maximum gross weight

    3,380 lb

  • Useful load

    1,000 lb

  • Payload with full fuel

    466 lb

  • Fuel capacity

    89 gal (100 gal optional)

  • Baggage capacity

    120 lbs. Baggage Area, 10 lbs. Hat Rack, 340 lbs. Cargo Area with rear seats folded down


  • Takeoff distance ground roll

  • Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,100 ft

  • Rate of climb sea level

    1,375 fpm

  • Service ceiling

    25,000 ft

  • Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,650 ft

  • Landing distance ground roll

  • Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption, ea engine) @ 75% power, best economy

    242 KTAS

  • Range

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds

  • VX

  • VY

  • VNE

    196 KAS

  • VS1

    66 kt

  • VSO

    50 kt

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All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.