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  • Sometimes a design simply works. And when it does, there’s no sense spending massive amounts of time and money trying to replace it. For 50 years, the Beechcraft Baron has been at the pinnacle of personal air transportation. Among many worthy challengers over the decades, the Baron soldiers on as proof that legacy airplanes are still in the game of winning orders. If you need to move four people and their gear 600 nm in three hours, there are several airplanes to meet the mission. But do they have twin-engine redundancy and its resulting reassurance, known-ice capability, weather radar, the ability to get in and out of short/unimproved airstrips, or a service network that consists of, say, basically any mechanic in the country? For these reasons, there has been a Baron in the lineup at Beechcraft for five decades. And for these reasons, customers keep buying them.

    Beechcraft Baron G58

    Beechcraft Baron Fact Sheet

    Beechcraft Baron Turns 50


  • Powerplant

    (2) Continental Motors IO-550-C, 300 hp each

  • Propellers

    McCauley 3 blade metal, constant speed

  • Length

    29 ft 10 in

  • Height

    9 ft 9 in

  • Wingspan

    37 ft 10 in

  • Wing Area

    199 sq ft

  • Wing loading

    27.8 lb/sq ft

  • Power loading

    9.2 lb/hp

  • Cabin Width

    42 in

  • Empty Weight

    3,965 lb

  • Maximum gross weight

    5,524 lb

  • Useful load

    1,559 lb

  • Payload with full fuel

    395 lb

  • Fuel capacity

    194 gal

  • Baggage capacity

    28 cu ft, 420 lb


  • Takeoff distance ground roll

    1,373 ft

  • Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,345 ft

  • Rate of climb sea level

    1,700 fpm

  • Service ceiling

    20,688 ft

  • Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle

    2,490 ft

  • Landing distance ground roll

    1,440 ft

  • Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption, ea engine) @ 75% power, best economy

    202 KTAS

  • Range

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds

  • VX

    92 KIAS

  • VY

    105 KIAS

  • VNE

    223 KIAS

  • VS1

    85 KIAS

  • VSO

    73 KCAS

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All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.