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152 Reimagined - Ascend 172

AOPA wants to open new doors to aviation by promoting the concept that aircraft ownership can be made more accessible and affordable through the development of remanufactured aircraft. The idea is to take strong, legacy airframes and bring them up to modern standards for a fraction of the cost of a new, certified aircraft.

If you’re a flight school, you know what a challenge it is to keep costs in check and flying affordable for your customers. If you’re a flying club, your basic mission is to reduce the costs and hassles of flying, and to build a community around the magic of flight. Enter refurbished aircraft.

When owned and operated in a community—like a flying club, partnership or flight school—refurbished aircraft have the potential to allow many more people to fly and become engaged in general aviation in ways that are not possible through singular aircraft ownership.

Who says flying can’t be fun and affordable?

Not us. AOPA and Aviat Aircraft and Yingling Aircraft have teamed up to make the world’s most popular trainers even better and more fun.

Aviat’s “150/152Reimagined” and Yingling’s “Ascend172” are much more than a new coat of paint and a new interior. These aircraft refurbishments include items such as new wiring, circuit breakers, pitot-static lines, engine accessories, windows, fiberglass, instruments, and fluid hoses. The engine and propeller are overhauled, a new flat metal panel is installed, the seats are restyled, and so much more!