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Owners of privately-owned, private-use airports are asked to confirm the FAA's information for their airport every three years if the airport is depicted on aeronautical charts. The purpose is to ensure accurate information is presented to pilots.

Unlike public airports, which are in regular contact with the FAA, private airports may never contact the FAA once the initial charting process is complete. Over time, the airport's owner could maintain the airport as it is. Or the owner could make changes, or close the airport, without the change or closure being reflected on current aeronautical charts.

An airport owner may confirm their airport's information by web portal or by phone. An owner may also provide updates about the airport (such as changes to runways) if needed.

Web Option

Step-by-step guide to confirm or update your airport's information:

To update your airport's information please use the FAA's Airport Data and Information Portal (ADIP) website at:

Once you have registered for an account in ADIP, follow these steps in order to update your facility's information and/or keep it charted for the next three (3) years (even if none of the facility's information has changed):

  1. Login to ADIP and go to the "Airport Master Record (AMR)" module where you should click on the "Update Facility Data (Airport/Heliport)" option.
  2. On the "Update Facility Data" webpage, leave the "Submission Type" as shown so it reads, "Additional Information". Enter your facility's Location Identifier (LocID) in the "Facility" field and then select, "Start Update".

  3. NOTE: If you actually need to update your airport's information, then follow the rest of the instructions below. If your airport's information is still correct and you just want to keep it charted for another three (3) years, then skip to step number five (5).

  4. On this screen, select the "Facility Data" tab on the left-hand side of the webpage. Once that page loads, make changes to your facility's information.
  5. After you finish making all desired updates to your facility's information, click on the "Save Changes" button.
  6. Click on the "Submit Changes" button. Click on the "Submit Project Button". Click on "OK". You're all done!

After the FAA reviews and approves the submission, your private airport will remain charted for another three (3) years.

Phone Option

Contact the FAA Regional Airports Office for your state. Visit this web page to find the correct office and their current phone number:

Alternatively, contact the FAA Airport Data and Airspace Office at (202)-267-7669.