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Compensation, Organization & HR Committee

Members of the Compensation, Organization, and HR Committee:

  • Lawrence D. Buhl, III
  • Darrell W. Crate
  • Matthew J. Desch
  • Amanda C. Farnsworth
  • James N. Hauslein
  • James G. Tuthill, Jr.
  • William C. Trimble, III
  • Justine Harrison, Secretary


The primary function of the Compensation, Organization & HR Committee is to lead the detailed oversight work activities of the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility in connection with  hiring, promoting and terminating, performance management, executive development, organizational design & functioning, HR policies, high impact HR decisions, and compensation of officers and key employees within the “top 20 executive group” of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”), and all other related entities.

Key functions  & authority include (1) review and approval of the Executive Compensation Philosophy, pay programs, budgets & specific levels, (2) organization structure, job descriptions and executive/officer appointments, (3) incentive plan performance metrics & participant goals, (4) CEO & President performance evaluation, and CEO & President compensation recommendations for the Board’s consideration, (4) executive development & succession planning programs, and (5) hiring or promoting or terminating of individuals into jobs within the “Top 20” highest paid (“executive”) jobs within AOPA including its related entities and potentially subject to IRC Form 990 reporting. If approved by the Board, the Committee may delegate some of these functions to the Chairman of the Board and/or the CEO & President.