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Whether you fly low and slow or high and fast, SiriusXM Aviation Weather gives you the weather info you need, so you have confidence about what’s ahead to make the best decisions - from takeoff to landing, coast-to-coast.

With satellite-delivered high resolution Composite Radar and Cloud-to-Cloud/Cloud-to-Ground Lightning along with always available weather products like METARs, Echo Tops, and Storm Tracks, SiriusXM lets you fly confidently knowing that your weather information is available at 500' or at your destination 500 miles ahead.


Check out this infographic that breaks down the differences between SiriusXM and ADS-B weather at each stage of flight to help you decide which service is right for you.


SiriusXM vs. ADS-B

Compare SiriusXM with ADS-B weather and determine which solution is best for you.

AOPA Air Safety Institute: ADS-B or SiriusXM?

Watch the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s “ADS-B vs. SiriusXM: What’s Right for You?” comparison with John Zimmerman, an aviation writer and ATP.

Infographic - SXM vs. ADS-B: What does this mean for your flight

‘Fly’ through this interactive infographic to see the differences between SiriusXM Aviation and ADS-B weather at each stage of flight.

Dare to Compare SiriusXM vs. ADS-B

Check out the significant differences between SiriusXM Aviation and ADS-B weather – from delivery method, frequency of updates, to features offered.

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Trial & Rebate Offers

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Garmin GDL® 52 Offer

Get up to $550 in SiriusXM Aviation value, including a:

  • 3 month trial subscription of SiriusXM Weather and Satellite Radio on a Garmin GDL® 52

3-Month Trial

Trial Offer Details

  • Limited-time $400 rebate when you purchase a GDL 52 receiver from April 1-July 31, 2024 and activate with a SiriusXM Aviation plan. Minimum subscription term required.


Hardware Rebate Details

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3-Month Weather & Entertainment Trial

For a limited-time, SiriusXM Aviation is offering AOPA members a 3-month trial of their weather and entertainment.

Give it a try and decide which inflight weather solution is right for you!

Call to activate your 3‑month trial!


3-Month Trial Offer Details

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Limited-time $400 hardware rebate

With purchase of an eligible SiriusXM Aviation receiver from April 1 - July 31, 2024 and subscription plan activation. Minimum subscription term required.


Hardware Rebate Details

Hardware & Apps

SiriusXM Aviation functions seamlessly with the latest apps, devices, and hardware.

Compatible Hardware

  • Portables – Garmin GDL 51 & 52
  • Installed – Garmin GDL 69/69A, GDL 51R & 52R, Collins Aerospace XMWR-1000S, and Honeywell SXM-200

Compatible Apps

  • Garmin Pilot
  • Foreflight

Visit the SiriusXM website to learn more and find out what’s compatible with your plane.



Add over 150+ channels of music, sports, talk, and more to your cockpit. Great for cross-country trips and your passengers!

Trial Offer & Discounts

2-Month Radio Trial

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Keep the music going at home, on the road, in the hangar, and the air. With this 2-month SiriusXM Platinum audio entertainment trial, you’ll get over 140 channels of amazing, including:

  • Deepest variety of music, ad-free – get the newest music, live performances, and more.

  • Your games, your sports, your team – play-by-play from every major sport.

  • Most complete news coverage – from the top cable news and business networks.

  • The biggest names in entertainment – original, exclusive talk channels and every kind of comedy, with something to make you laugh.

This Platinum trial includes streaming, so you can listen in your car, on your phone, at the hangar, home, and online.

Offer not valid on SiriusXM Weather receivers with a current weather subscription.

Call to activate your 2 month radio trial!

2-Month Radio Trial Offer Details

SiriusXM Entertainment Discounts for Weather Subscribers

As an aviation weather subscriber, you get a discount of $5/mo. on our most popular entertainment plans – Music & Entertainment and Platinum

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SiriusXM Tour (Model # SXWB1V1)

Watch Tom Haines’ review of the Tour here

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