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Let's improve aviation safety by reducing VFR into IMC accidents to an all-time low!

This cockpit drawing shows what it looks like when you fly into a cloud and compromise aviation safety.

Every year, pilots continue to fly inadvertently from visual flight conditions into instrument flight conditions, otherwise known as VFR into IMC, and the results are often fatal. In fact, VFR into IMC is the worst weather-related cause of accidents each year with a fatality rate of 86 percent in non-commercial fixed-wing aircraft. And it’s not only VFR pilots who get trapped; about one-third of these accidents involve instrument-rated pilots.

To address this persistent problem, the AOPA Air Safety Institute created a new campaign for 2022 called VFR into IMC: Avoidance and Escape to promote aviation safety. This campaign is based on the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s research, analysis, education, and outreach.


Delve into these ASI programs to help you understand how best to protect yourself against VFR into IMC flight.


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Episode 23: Robert ClarkVFR into IMC continues to be a leading cause of fatal accidents in general aviation. In this episode, we talk to a pilot who was fortunate enough to escape from this highly dangerous scenario. Robert Clark recounts the story of flying his Dyke Delta aircraft through unexpected instrument conditions - at night, during an electrical failure. Listen Now

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Episode 29: Dennis MartinHelicopter pilot Dennis Martin joins us to talk about an incident he had after departing the AOPA Fly-In at Carbondale, IL in 2018. While flying his Enstrom 480B from Carbondale to Chicago Executive Airport, Dennis experienced deteriorating weather conditions and found himself in half-mile visibility. Listen Now

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Episode 46, Andrew EdgertonAs part of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s 2022 campaign to eliminate VFR into IMC accidents, this episode features a discussion with helicopter pilot Andrew Edgerton, who inadvertently found himself in instrument conditions while flying an R44 Raven II from Quebec City to Baie-Comeau in Canada. Listen Now

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Episode 49, Michael KouryThis episode features Michael Koury sharing the story of flying his Cherokee 160, VFR from Sun Valley Airport in Arizona to St. George Regional Airport in Utah. With only 15 miles remaining in his trip, Michael suddenly found himself in blizzard conditions and zero visibility. Listen Now