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Turbine Edition FAQ

What is the Turbine Edition?

AOPA Pilot, Turbine Edition is a version of AOPA Pilot that contains all the same great content you’ve come to expect from AOPA Pilot, plus 16 to 24 additional pages of content including videos tailored to your interests as a current or aspiring pilot or owner or operator of high-performance, turboprop, or jet-powered aircraft. If you’re note familiar with the Turbine Edition, we invite you to view a sample issue here.

Why do I receive it/why don’t I receive it?

We offer the Turbine Edition to members we think will enjoy turbine-related content based on their interests as a current or aspiring pilot or owner/operator of high-performance, turboprop, or jet-powered aircraft. Any member may request to switch their subscription from AOPA Pilot to the Turbine Edition or back to the regular edition by calling 800-872-2672 or sending a message online. The Turbine Edition is offered at no additional cost to you.

What am I missing?

AOPA Pilot, Turbine Edition has a different cover and table of contents from AOPA Pilot, but no content is removed. You receive all the content from AOPA Pilot and more.

How do I switch my subscription to/from the Turbine Edition?

Simply call 800-872-2672 or send a message online.

I’m not a member. Can I subscribe to AOPA Pilot, Turbine Edition?

All our magazines are offered exclusively to AOPA members. To join the AOPA community and receive these benefits and more, please click here.