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Free from captivity

See the Tiger at AirVenture

The AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger will be on display at AirVenture 2021 in front of the AOPA tent.
Briefing August 2021

After a winter stay in Illinois (during which it was fed a factory rebuilt engine provided by Air Power, Electroair electronic ignition, Airforms engine baffles, MT constant-speed propeller, Garmin avionics, SiriusXM Aviation weather and entertainment, JA Air Center instrument panel, CiES fuel senders, Whelen exterior lighting, Aerox oxygen system, and an ACK emergency locator transmitter), your Tiger is ready to stretch its legs and greet AirVenture attendees.

Although the Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger has already received an array of upgrades, it is still in the project phase. After AirVenture, we’ll bolt on a Power Flow exhaust system, install a new interior, and apply a new paint scheme—by Scheme Designers.

Through May 2022, we’ll showcase the airplane’s enhanced capabilities through virtual check-out flights, instrument flying videos, and fly-offs against airplanes with comparable specs. This Tiger will be able to take its new owner to destinations only a GA pilot can fully take advantage of—with speed, efficiency, and instrument-flying capability. Will it be you?

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Alyssa J. Miller

Kollin Stagnito

Vice President of Publications/Editor
Vice President of Publications/Editor Kollin Stagnito is a commercial pilot, advanced and instrument ground instructor and a certificated remote pilot. He owns a 1947 Cessna 140.

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