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FAA finalizes Cessna doorpost inspection ADFAA finalizes Cessna doorpost inspection AD

An airworthiness directive that requires repetitive inspection of an estimated 14,653 single-engine Cessna airplanes for cracking of the strut attach fittings at the forward cabin doorposts will take effect November 12.

The FAA proposed the AD in 2018 to address possible “failure of the wing in operation” after an operator’s report led to the discovery of numerous cracks on Cessna 207 airplanes. The other Cessna aircraft models included in the AD’s affected list have design components shared with the Cessna 207, the FAA said.  

The FAA modified some provisions of the AD in June 2020 and accepted additional public comments until mid-July.

The inspection and reporting costs have been estimated at $212.50 per aircraft, with the cost of any needed repairs contingent on the inspection results, and the repairs to be conducted based on the applicable service kits, the AD said.

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