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Goulian customizes Alpina watchGoulian customizes Alpina watch

A month after flying in the final Red Bull Air Race, Michael Goulian welcomed the arrival of a limited edition Swiss watch of his own design.

The AlpinerX designed by Michael Goulian. Photo by Eric Rossier courtesy of Alpina.

Alpina, the watchmaker founded 20 years before the Wright brothers pioneered powered flight, recently announced the AlpinerX designed by Goulian, who left his personal mark on it in the form of the No. 99 (Goulian’s Red Bull racing team number) logo at 2 o’clock. Only 250 will be made, and the technology inside this timepiece is every bit as advanced as the air racing program Alpina sponsored: Internal sensors monitor GPS, heart rate, temperature, ultraviolet light exposure, temperature, barometric pressure and altitude, and compass heading, beaming all of that data wirelessly to a smartphone running an Alpina app (compatible with Apple and Android devices).

The watch and app combined offer activity tracking, sleep monitoring, call and message notifications, and a “dynamic coach” function that appears to have more to do with exercise, fitness, and activities other than perfecting slow rolls (Though wouldn’t that be nice? Just a thought).

Goulian presumably had some help from Alpina engineers designing those high-tech inner workings and focused his attention on the aesthetic elements of the watch, which include a bright yellow inner ring and strap that match the color scheme of Goulian’s airshow airplane.

The watch is made in Geneva and available online for $995 while supplies last. Goulian celebrated the new watch with an October tweet, pronouncing it “awesome.”

Michael Goulian signs autographs at the New York International Air Show sporting his limited-edition Aplina watch. Photo courtesy of Alpina.

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