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Buy or sell your next aircraft at AOPA Fly-InsBuy or sell your next aircraft at AOPA Fly-Ins

Location, location, location. If you are selling your aircraft, you want a captive, engaged, and qualified audience. Thousands of pilots attend AOPA’s Fly-Ins, making it the perfect venue to sell your aircraft. And for those who are in the market, one-stop shopping will make buying even easier.

June Preflight

Check out the Trade-A-Plane Aircraft Sellers Corral at the AOPA Fly-Ins in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Carbondale, Illinois; and Gulf Shores, Alabama. Pilots who own piston aircraft can display their aircraft and talk with potential buyers. It costs just $99 to be included in the corral. For being a part of the coral, owners will receive a seller’s package from AOPA Ownership Services that includes a Vref valuation as well as a financing and insurance model. AOPA limits the corral to 25 aircraft, so be sure to reserve your spot early.

Potential buyers can enjoy one area to peruse the aircraft for sale. Buyers will be able to see the aircraft’s value based on Vref. In addition, AOPA will provide finance and insurance information so potential buyers will have an accurate estimate of the cost of owning the aircraft they are eyeing.

The Aircraft Sellers Corral launched at the AOPA Fly-In at Camarillo, California, in April 2017. Since then, more than a dozen aircraft have been shown in the corral at the various fly-ins, offering sellers prime space to display their aircraft.

During the 2018 Fly-In season, the Trade-A-Plane Aircraft Sellers Corral will be open from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday during the show weekend, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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