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AOPA Flight Planner a free benefit for membersAOPA Flight Planner a free benefit for members

The AOPA Flight Planner makes selecting the best route, altitude, and fuel stops for your next flight simple and easy, and special features such as predictive fuel warnings help increase your safety by providing critical information during the planning process.

Member News & Notes

AOPA members have free access to the AOPA Flight Planner, a $99 value.

The powerful flight planner’s predictive flight planning color codes your route yellow or red as you reach 60 to 90 minutes of fuel endurance or less than 60 minutes remaining, respectively. The calculations are based on the forecast winds aloft and the aircraft performance information you save in the flight planner. The online tool also displays fuel availability along the route as well as fuel prices so that you can pick the best place to fuel up.

You can also get a graphical route briefing to get a big-picture understanding of weather along your route, so that you can make the best go/no-go decisions.

Best of all, your flight planning in the AOPA Flight Planner can be sent directly to many EFBs so that it's ready and handy when you go out to the aircraft. The AOPA Flight Planner works with FltPlan Go, ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, Naviator, Seattle Avionics FlyQ, and WingXPro7.

Join AOPA today to start using this powerful tool during your flight planning! Already a member? Just log in to plan your next flight!

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