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Interested in helping out? Here's an idea of what to expect.

Airside Operations

Assisting with aircraft marshaling, parking, taking fuel orders, and aircraft camping. Please note these shifts are five hour shifts that have a large amount of standing involved (bring a folding or camping chair if you'd like!). Due to the nature of this position, we ask that only certificated pilots above the age of 17 apply.

Showside Operations

Assisting with exhibits, logistics (set-up & take-down), food, hospitality/security, auto parking, and sanitation.

Frederick, MD May 10 and 11

Livermore, CA June 21 and 22

Tullahoma, TN September 13 and 14


Be Part of the team

AOPA plans its fly-ins, but the volunteers bring it to life. Whether it’s setting up the main stage area, guiding cars and aircraft into their parking spaces, or taking down displays and exhibits at the end of the event, there are many ways volunteers help make the magic happen.

But volunteering isn’t all about hard work – it’s also about meeting other volunteers, seeing the fly-in from the “insider’s” perspective, and making friends and valuable contacts that you will keep for years. You’ll be proud to have participated, knowing that you did your part to support GA. Plus, there’s free lunch, an AOPA Volunteer T-shirt, and cap for your efforts!

We have lots of great opportunities you can choose from. Just a five-to six-hour commitment is all that’s needed!

Thank YOU for making the Groton volunteer experience a great one! Volunteering in the early morning mist of a local airport, and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals, is truly like a breath of fresh air for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it, for what little part I may have played.