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Air Safety Institute: Focused Flight Review

General Program FAQs

How do I use Focused Flight Review?

Pilots (clients) can use their initial contact with CFIs about scheduling a flight review to express interest in using one of the flight profiles from Focused Flight Review (e.g., Positive Aircraft Control, Mountain/Backcounty Flying). Pilots can use the “Share with your CFI” link at the top of the web page to email their CFIs a link to the program.

Before or during the flight review, clients and CFIs should talk about the client’s recent (or lack of recent) flight experience including hours flown, takeoffs and landings, and instrument procedures, if applicable, the kind of flying the client does most often, and the kind of flying he/she would like to pursue (if different).

Afterwards, simply go through the steps in each flight profile to complete the ground and flight portions of the flight review. Each flight profile is available in a printable PDF that includes a kneeboard version of the flight maneuvers.

Does Focused Flight Review meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.56(a)?

Yes, the program was designed to help CFIs meet the flight review requirements in 14 CFR 61.56(a).

How long will it take to use Focused Flight Review on my next flight review?

Although the minimum regulatory requirements of 14 CFR 61.56 include a minimum one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training, covering all of the material, ground discussions, and flight maneuvers in any of the Focused Flight Review flight profiles will take anywhere from 2.5 – 3.5 hours.

What are the completion standards?

The same as any flight review. Satisfactory completion of the flight review is based on the client demonstrating proficiency. All tasks and maneuvers should be performed to the Airman Certification Standards for the client’s certificate or rating.

Does the certificate of completion qualify as my flight review endorsement?

No, you must still get a logbook endorsement from your instructor after satisfactorily completing the flight review.

Can CFIs tailor the program to meet their own flight review curriculum or action plans?

Yes, and while use of this program can effectively serve as an instructor’s plan of action for the flight review, CFIs may choose to add their own expertise, tasks, and maneuvers to make the flight review unique to their clients’ certification level, background, experience, proficiency, the type of flying they do most often, and expectations.

Can I combine an IPC (instrument proficiency check) with the Instrument Proficiency flight profile?

Yes, if combining an instrument proficiency check (IPC) with the Focused Flight Review’s Instrument Proficiency flight profile, CFIs must possess an instrument rating on their flight instructor certificate and should develop an action plan to ensure all IPC tasks are included. Keep in mind that each requires a separate logbook endorsement.

What if the CFI is not proficient in the airplane I want to fly for my flight review?

CFIs should be fully qualified in each aircraft make/model in which they provide instruction. If a flight instructor is not proficient in the aircraft being used for the flight review, he/she should be honest and decline the opportunity while finding an instructor who is better qualified.

How do I get FAA Wings credit?

To earn your Wings credit, complete your flight review using any of the flight profiles. Afterwards, click on the “Get Wings Credit” button next to the profile you’ve selected, which will direct you to From there, simply follow the prompts to email or find your Wings credit validator (i.e., flight instructor) who conducted your flight review, and then submit for validation. Response time varies depending on the availability of whom you select to as a credit validator.

How do I send the Air Safety Institute feedback about my experience with the program?

Use the “feedback” feature below the "Quick Links" menu of the Focused Flight Review home page to send us your feedback.

How can I contribute to making great programs like Focused Flight Review, safety videos, seminars, and more?

We're glad you asked! Everything the Air Safety Institute offers—except for its CFI refresher courses—is funded by your tax-deductible donations to the AOPA Foundation. To learn more, visit the AOPA Foundation’s website at Thank you for your generous support!

Login and Website FAQs

What do you mean by use your "AOPA Account" login?

AOPA members should log in using their existing account credentials. If not an AOPA member, and you do not wish to join at this time, you can access Focused Flight Review after creating a free AOPA Web Account. You can create this account during your initial visit to the program or create it here:

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

This program uses your AOPA account login, this can be your AOPA Member or your free AOPA Web Account login. To reset your password, go to and click the link for "Forgot Password?" under the login boxes.

Why would I want to Log Out?

If you are working on a computer that other people have access to (e.g., at a public library), you may want to log out. Please note that if you are an AOPA member with access to AOPA Online member content, whenever you log out from an Air Safety Institute page, you are also logging out of AOPA Online.

Do I need to check every box in a Focused Flight Review profile to get my certificate?

No, the checkboxes in the Focused Flight Review profiles are just there to help track your progress, and will remain in place until you’ve generated a certificate of completion for the specific profile you were working in. They are not required to be checked to complete your Focused Flight Review profile.

Is there a kneeboard-sized printout I can use in flight?

All of the Focused Flight Review profiles provide a PDF download for easy review. The last page of PDF is a kneeboard sized in-flight profile maneuver checklist.

How do I turn off pop-up blockers on my browser?

Pop-up blockers are required to be turned off during your generation of your certificate. The certificate generation utilizes pop-ups to display your certificate as a PDF for downloading or printing.

Step by Step Guides to turn off Pop-Up Blockers:

Program Certificate FAQs

I filled out the certificate generation form and I don’t see anything, now what?

Your finished certificate is most likely being blocked by the browser. Pop-up blockers are required to be turned off during your generation of your certificate. The certificate generation utilizes pop-ups to display your certificate as a PDF for downloading or printing.

If you have generated the certificate, but do not see it, first check under your profile to see your previous certificate was already generated. Under the profile icon in the upper right select "My Profile." Then on the left, click on the "Certificates" menu. This will show all your previous completed reviews and allows you to download the certificates for saving or printing.

Do not see the certificate there? Turn off your Pop-up blockers and generate a new one.

Step-by-Step Guides to turn off Pop-Up Blockers:

How can I view/reprint my previous certificates?

Your previously completed Focused Flight Review certificates are saved in your profile. Under the profile icon in the upper right select "My Profile." Then on the left, click on the "Certificates" menu. This will show all your previous completed reviews and allows you to download the certificates for saving or printing.

If you completed a Focus Flight Review before a require login (before Nov. 12, 2018), certificates were not originally offered. However, you can login and generate a new certificate with your previous Focused Flight Review profile flown.

What is AOPA Accident Forgiveness and how to use it?

Available on select insurance policies, AOPA Accident Forgiveness is a coverage enhancement for pilots who regularly participate in Air Safety Institute safety education. Get complete program information on the AOPA website

If you can't find an answer to your question, email us or call 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET. If you run into an issue or have suggestions for edits or additions to the flight profiles, please report them online at Focused Flight Review Feedback. We appreciate your feedback!

Providing a relevant and engaging flight review program is only made possible by making continual improvements to ensure clients and CFIs have good experiences with Focused Flight Review. It is our hope that you will make it a regular and frequent part of your training curriculum and goals.