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Pilatus delivers 2,000th PC-12

Remarkable milestone for Swiss aircraft manufacturer

Pilatus has come a long way since boldly redefining the turboprop market in 1994. This year, Pilatus handed over the 2000th PC-12, dressed up in a special paint scheme to match the occasion, to their longtime customer, PlaneSense.

The handover of the 2,000th PC-12, an NGX, by Pilatus to PlaneSense, its longstanding U.S. customer, was marked by a large ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Stans, Switzerland that was attended by over 2,000 employees.

George Antoniadis, Founder, President and CEO of PlaneSense, commented: “We are honored to receive the 2,000th PC-12. Our clients have enjoyed the aircraft’s versatility, reliability, comfort, and efficiency for 28 years. Our partnership with Pilatus has been incredibly valuable and we look forward to expanding it further in the years to come.”

The “World’s Greatest Single” continues to be applauded worldwide for its unmatched safety record, comfort, fuel efficiency, and versatility. From the outset of the very first aircraft delivered in 1994 to the 2000th delivered in 2023, Pilatus has been continuously innovating while attentively listening to their customers. The PC-12 NGX is the culmination of that effort.

Statistically, there are more than 70 PC-12s in the air at any given time. In 2022 alone, Pilatus produced 80 PC-12s in the heart of Switzerland for delivery all over the world. The global fleet has already clocked over ten million hours in the air. The versatile PC-12 is used for business travel, charter, fractional, airline, air ambulance, and special missions around the world. It has been continuously developed from the outset and the most recent iteration, the PC-12 NGX, is state of the art.

The advanced Pilatus PC-12 NGX features a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system (EPECS). Its new low-speed propeller mode significantly reduces cabin noise, increasing comfort and providing more flexibility for noise abatement. The NGX also features six bespoke interior design schemes by BMW Designworks USA. The powerful PT6 E-Series engine automatically applies digital logic for precise engine control and protection in every flight condition, so guesswork is a thing of the past.

“I really loved my NG, but the NGX takes the PC-12 to an entirely new level. There’s something for everyone: passengers enjoy the modern new cabin, and the auto-throttle, single-power lever and electronic engine controls are a pilot’s dream,” says Dion Weisler, HP Inc. director. The aircraft is also equipped with the most reliable turboprop engine ever: the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6. Statistics show that this engine makes the PC-12 one of the safest single-engine aircraft. The PC-12 NGX is a part of Pilatus’s sustainability drive to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, as well as being certified to run on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

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