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California Aeronautical University’s ‘Mobile Flight Experience’ tours California to promote aviationCalifornia Aeronautical University’s ‘Mobile Flight Experience’ tours California to promote aviation

Encouraging young men and women to seek aviation careersEncouraging young men and women to seek aviation careers

BAKERSFIELD, CA – California Aeronautical University’s ‘Mobile Flight Experience’ tours California to promote aviation and encourage the next generation to start their careers as aviation professionals. This year, the highly popular interactive exhibit has made appearances at air shows, high schools, and community events across California.

The University’s Mobile Flight Experience offers flight simulators that allow first-time aviators to take control and experience flight in a highly realistic setting.

“Visitors just light up when they take the controls for the first time,” says California Aeronautical University Director of Admissions, Tamu Smith-Kohls, an Air Force Veteran herself. “The mobile flight experience is a great introduction to the excitement pilots experience when taking flight.”

The California Aeronautical University outreach team travels throughout the state with the Mobile Flight Experience exhibit, encouraging young people to explore careers as professional pilots, aircraft mechanics, and other aviation-related fields.

“Through the Mobile Flight Experience, we’re able to start conversations with young people, especially high school students, about the possibility of starting careers as professional pilots,” says Smith-Kohls.

“Students have excellent opportunities right here in California to get their degree in an aviation field and start a rewarding career,” says CAU President, Matthew Johnston. “To most young people, the idea that they can become a professional pilot is an option they don’t know they have.”

High school counselors and staff have the opportunity to schedule the Mobile Flight Experience, as well as an in-class presentation about aviation career opportunities, for a visit to their respective school.

A team effort

To further promote the importance of aviation education, California Aeronautical University announced it has become a Supporting Partner of AOPA.

“Our partnership is a great venue to raise the visibility of aviation careers and aviation education options with this key audience,” says California Aeronautical University President, Matthew Johnston. “Through our work with AOPA, we hope to engage high school students and career counselors in ways that bring aviation career paths to the forefront,” says Johnston. “We need to promote the idea that becoming a professional pilot is within reach and not just a dream anymore.”

California Aeronautical University will join AOPA as a presenting sponsor in their High School Aviation Stem Symposium, held in Fort Worth, Texas on November 6-7. The Symposium will bring educators together to promote aviation and aerospace in high schools across the country.

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California Aeronautical University

California Aeronautical University prepares students for exciting careers in aviation. The University offers professional pilot degree programs and other aviation-related training programs from its unparalleled purpose-built flight training facility at Bakersfield International Airport. The University has developed career opportunities for its graduates with airlines across the nation.