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Aircraft Type Club Listing

Club website
Aerobatic: Int'l Aerobatic Club (IAC) (EAA Division)
Aeronca: Aeronca Aviators Club
Aeronca: National Aeronca Assoc.
Alamo Liaison Squadron
Antique Aircraft Assoc. (AAA)
Antique: Vintage Aircraft Assoc. (VAA) (EAA Division)
Aviat Husky
Aviat Pitts Special
Aviat Christen Eagle Fanatics
Backcountry Pilots-Idaho
Bakeng Duce Newsletter
Balloon Clubs (68 listings …)
Balloon Federation of America
Beech: Classic Bonanza
Beech: Duke Flyers Assoc.
Beech: Staggerwing Club
Beech: T-34 Assoc.
Beech: Twin Beech Assoc.
Beech: Vintage Bonanza
Beech: American Bonanza Society (Bonanza & Barons)
Beech: Beech Aero Club: Sundowners, Sierras, & Musketeers
Bellanca : Citabria, Decathlon, and Scout
Bellanca Champion Club
Bellanca: Viking Pilots
Canard Owners & Builders. Rutan.
Cessna 175: Cessna Skylark Assoc. Int'l
Cessna Flyer Assoc.
Cessna Owner Organization
Cessna Pilot's Assoc.
Cessna: 150/152 Club
Cessna: 172 Club
Cessna: 190/195 Assoc.
Cessna: Cardinal Club
Cessna: Citation Owners
Cessna: Int'l 180/185 Club
Cessna: Int'l 120/140 Assoc.
Cessna: Int'l 170 Assoc.
Cessna: Int'l Bird Dog Assoc.
Cessna: Skymaster Owners & Pilots
Cessna: straight tail Cessna Club
Cessna: Twin Cessna Flyers
Cessna: T-50 Bobcat (AT-11). original Skyking.
Cirrus Owners and Pilots Assoc. (COPA)
Commander: 112/114
Commander: Twin Commander Flight
Coot Builders Newsletter
Cozy Builders
Culver Club
DC-3 National Historical Society
de Haviland Moth Club
De Haviland: American Tiger (moth) Club
Diamond Aircraft
Ercoupe Owners Club
Europa Club
Fairchild Club
Fleet Club
Funk Aircraft Owners
Glasair Owners
Gliders: Schweizer gliders
Gliders: Soaring Sociey of America (SSA)
Grumman Owners & Pilots Assoc. (formerly America Yankee Asso.
Hatz Club
Howard Aircraft
Interstate Club
Lake Amphibian Flyers Club
Lancair Owners
Light Sport Aircraft: start at "byDanJohnson" 's site
Light Sport: Czech Cruiser support/Piper
Long EZ & VariEze
Luscombe Club
Maule Aircraft Assoc.
Meyers Aircraft Owners Assoc.
Monocoupe Club
Mooney Aircraft Pilots Assoc.
Mooney Mite Site
Naval Aircraft Restorers Assoc.
navion: American Navion Society
Pietenpol: Brodhead Pietenpol Assoc.
Piper Owners Society
Piper: Cherokee Pilot's Assoc.
Piper: Cub Club
Piper: Int'l Comanche Society
Piper: Malibu/Mirage Owners and Pilots Assoc.
Piper: Short Wing Piper Club
Piper: Super Cub Pilots Assoc.
Piper: Tomahawk Society
Piper: Aerostar Owners Assoc.
Piper: Apache Club
Piper: Piper Flyer Assoc.
Replica Fighters Assoc.
Rotorcraft: Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA) (gyrocopters)
Rotorcraft: Helicopter Association International (HAI)
Ryan Club
SeaBee Club
Skybolt (
Socata Owners
Sonex Builders & Pilots
Stampe Club
Starduster Magazine
Stearman Restorers Assoc.
Stinson Club
Swift Museum Foundation
Taildragger Pilots Assoc.
Taylorcraft owners Club
Taylorcraft Owners Club
Travel Air Club
Van's Aircraft: RV builders groups by regions
Van's Aircraft: RV 3-14 --series
Varga Shinn Squadron
Velocity Owners & Builders
Waco: American Waco Club
Waco: National Waco Club
Warbird: Classic Jet Aircraft Assoc.
Warbird: Commerative Air Force
Warbird: L-Birds / liaison
Warbird: Red Star Pilots (started as the YAK Club)
Warbird: North American Trainer Assoc. (NATA)
Warbirds: Warbirds of America (EAA Division)
Zenith: Zenair: Builders & Flyers