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Many pilots are already using ADS-B In, with portable receivers such as the Stratus or the Garmin GDL 39 series, and enjoying the situational awareness afforded by in-cockpit weather and traffic information. These ADS-B In devices alone do not fulfill the FAA’s January 1, 2020, mandate for ADS-B Out equipage. ADS-B In refers primarily to the ability to receive the FAA’s Flight Information System-Broadcast (FIS-B) data, which is delivered only over the 978UAT datalink and includes METARs, SPECIs (Non-Routine Aviation Weather Reports), TAFs and amendments, Nexrad precipitation maps, NOTAMs (Distant and FDC), SIGMETs and Convective SIGMETs, winds and temperatures aloft, PIREPs, TFRs, and status of special use airspace. 

Although ADS-B In is not required, it does provide increased situational awareness. Without ADS-B Out installed, none of these devices will present a full picture of nearby traffic. (Please see: What About Portable ADS-B Receivers) However, combined with ADS-B Out, they provide all available traffic and weather information. Any of them—including portable units—can serve as a complete ADS-B In solution, even in aircraft using the 1090ES datalink.

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AppareoStratus 1S$549YY
AppareoStratus 2S$899YYdual band, AHRS, flight data recorder
AvidyneSkyTrax100$2,499NYfor IFD540/440 w/AXP340
Bendix/KingKGX 130R$1,695NYopt wifi
Bendix/KingKGX 150R$2,995NYopt wifi
DualXGPS190$850YYdual band, AHRS
Flight Data SystemsPathfinder$549YY
FreeFlight SystemsFDL-978-RX$1,995NYwifi; w/antenna, install kit
FreeFlight SystemsFDL-978-RX/G$2,995NYwifi; w/WAAS GPS; pair with 1090ES
GarminGDL 39$639YY
GarminGDL 39R$799YYremote mount
GarminGDL 39 3D$849YYattitude, synthetic vision in Garmin Pilot
Levil TechnologyiLevil 3 SW$1,195YYdual band, AHRS, data recording
Levil TechnologyiLevil 3 AW$1,395YYdual band, AHRS, data recording
RadennaSkyRadar-D2$699YYdual band
RadennaSkyRadar-DX$849YYdual band, AHRS
uAvionixScout$199YYdual band, ultraminiature
uAvionixSentry$499YYdual band, AHRS, 12-hr batt, CO detector


MSRP: Manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include installation. May not include antennas, installation kits, control heads, or other required accessories; check with individual manufacturers.

Wx: Unit also receives subscription-free FIS-B weather (ADS-B In)

Notes: Dual band—receives both 978UAT and 1090ES datalinks; Opt wifi—optional WiFi capability for data display on tablet or smartphone; Remote—remote mount, with control head or control through other avionics; Xpdr repl—replaces existing transponder

Manufacturers: Contact [email protected] to request updates, corrections, or to add any missing products.