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aerospace reports

About Aero-Space ReportsAero Space Reports

Aero-Space Reports, a third-generation family-owned business, has been a leader in the aviation title industry for more than 45 years. In that time, they’ve seen tens of thousands of aircraft purchases: They’re all too familiar with what can go wrong, and they know exactly what it takes for things to go right.

As an AOPA Strategic Partner, Aero-Space Reports is a trusted source for sound title and registration advice -- committed to helping members navigate the potential pitfalls that can arise when buying and selling an aircraft.


the legalese of prebuysAero-Space Reports is proud to sponsor Adam Meredith’s finance articles in AOPA Pilot magazine. As president of AOPA Aviation Finance, Adam provides financial insight and advice our members have come to trust. Aero-Space Reports is committed to supporting AOPA’s high quality financial content that helps members grow General Aviation.

Member Benefit

Aero-Space Reports offers a 10% discount on all escrow transactions as well as a $65 savings on its aircraft title package. The title search package includes a title search, complete aircraft records, and accident/incident report—all delivered via email within 24 hours on normal business days.

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PEACE OF MIND. If you’ve ever been involved in an aircraft purchase, you know it can be a little more complicated than a typical financial transaction—sometimes a LOT more.  Aero-Space Reports explains how they can help:

Aero-Space Reports has been a leader in the aviation title industry since 1969.  The attention given to the needs of each individual customer has given Aero-Space Reports a well-deserved reputation for quality, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Aero-Space Reports has a dedicated escrow team that works exclusively with AOPA members—helping AOPA members close more than 1,500 escrow transactions since 2012.  Aero-Space Reports works hand-in-hand with AOPA Finance to ensure that each buyer and seller experiences a high level of attention and service throughout the escrow process.  Acting as the neutral escrow agent, Aero-Space Reports will correspond with the many parties involved in escrow and ensure that all parties are informed, protected, and satisfied with each transaction.

Much like AOPA, Aero-Space Reports believes in providing the highest quality of service to its customers. Buying or selling an airplane can be exciting but also daunting, and we hope that our 45+ years of expertise in the aviation title and escrow industry can provide a service that AOPA members can rely on. To date, we have helped AOPA members with more than 1,000 aircraft transactions! We value each and every member we have the pleasure of doing business with and are pleased to offer a $65 savings on the AOPA Title Search Package as well as a 10% discount on all escrow transactions.
Bennett Snowden
Aero-Space Reports, Inc.
Bennett Snowden
Aero-Space Reports, Inc.