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Christian Schnepf climbed into the Lilienthal glider to test its maneuverability at a DLR research facility.  Photo: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

Lilienthal likely lost to wind

AOPA Live This Week May 26th, 2016

Training and safety

How would you make a request of an overworked controller?

Training Tip: 'Do not overload the controller'

The Mach 0.1 glider cockpit simulator designed by instructor Russell Holtz includes a stick, adjustable rudder pedals, spoilers, wheel brake, landing gear, trim, and a tow release handle. Photo courtesy of Russell Holtz.

Glider instructor designs cockpit simulator

Seminar examines trying new things to reduce accidents


Copper River Basin


register for battle creek

AOPA's 2016 Fly-Ins


A U.S. flag flies over gravestone markers at Arlington National Cemetery. iStock photo.

WASPs can again be laid to rest in Arlington


Missouri legislature passes hospital helipad safety measure

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