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In “Taming the Twin: Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying,” the AOPA Air Safety Institute explores some of the proactive things pilots can do to ensure a safe outcome on every multiengine flight.

Taming the Twin

Bob Hoover

Aviation Legend Bob Hoover dies at 94

AOPA announced the flight schools and instructors who were dubbed the cream of the crop during Redbird Flight Simulation’s annual Migration conference in San Marcos, Texas,  Oct. 25. The 2016 AOPA Flight Training Poll gave aviators the opportunity to provide feedback about their recent flight training experience, as a way to “stand up and sound off for the future of flight training.” Flight Training Professionals (instructor and student pictured here) was selected as the Best Flight School. Photo courtesy of Ed Comisky.

Florida flight school, Maryland CFI win excellence awards


AOPA Air Safety Institute tapped for recurrent CFI training

The XB-70 Valkyrie flew at Mach 3 on bended wings in the 1960s. NASA photo.

NASA revisits folding wings

Samsung Galaxy Note7 image courtesy of Samsung.

Emergency order bans air transport of Note 7 phone

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How many languages can be spoken in one pattern?

One of the delusional fallacies I used to aid in the process of convincing myself that I could live through moving to Europe with the airplane was a fanciful notion that “English is the language of aviation.” That statement is correct if you’re an airline captain flying into national capitals. For general, aviation, it’s a ...
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