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NOW SCHEDULING!Host a Drone Seminar


Welcome Prospective Drone Pilots to Your Flight School, We'll Give You Everything You Need!

Flight schools are in the perfect position to create opportunity for those interested in becoming drone (remote) pilots. By hosting a free drone seminar, you can help welcome these new pilots to the general aviation community.

AOPA makes it easier than ever to host a drone seminar and help attendees learn what it takes to become a FAA-certificated remote pilot. At no cost to you, AOPA will provide an engaging multi-media presentation, presenter guide, and take-home materials for each participant. PLUS, we’ll help market your seminar to those in the local area.

Here’s what to expect as you prepare to host AOPA's Intro to Part 107 drone seminar:

  • Submit your application electronically to host a seminar.
  • AOPA will contact you to confirm your information and set a date for your seminar.
  • Complete an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) form and send it to AOPA to lock in your seminar date.
  • Once your date is locked in, you will receive the following from AOPA:

    • A custom registration link for your participants;
    • Marketing support from AOPA;
    • An interactive multi-media presentation, including a presenter’s guide and take-home materials for each pilot

Click to submit your application to host your own “An Intro to Part 107” seminar! Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome a whole new class of aviation enthusiasts into the general aviation community, and, who knows, maybe get them into the air, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to host an AOPA drone seminar?

Next to nothing! All you have to provide is an instructor, ensure you have a facility to host a seminar, tables and chairs for participants, and a screen and speakers for the presentation. We recommend that you also offer refreshments. AOPA will provide the engaging presentation and all the materials.

What material is required to teach the class?

No written material is required on your part; however, you may want to supplement our slides and handouts with information about your school.

Who will present the seminar at my school?

You are responsible for providing a Certificated Flight Instructor or Ground Instructor with either a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate or the equivalent drone experience. AOPA has created a fun and engaging presentation along with a Presenter Guide to help your flight instructors prepare to deliver and engage the attendees.

How long is the seminar?

The presentation is designed to be completed in 5 ½ hours, but we encourage you to spend some time before and after the seminar to get to know your attendees.

What Type of Material will be presented?

“An Intro to Part 107” seminar allows attendees to discover what it takes to become and operate as a FAA-certificated remote pilot. Topics include:

  • Aircraft Registration
  • Regulations
  • Pilot Certification
  • Safety
  • Airspace
  • Waivers
  • Weather
  • Emergencies

How soon can my school schedule a seminar?

We require at least 5 weeks’ notice to schedule a seminar. When scheduling, we consider the time and distance between events to maximize marketing and promotional effectiveness of your event. Generally, we require events be separated by either 100 nm or 4 weeks. Presentations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and your presentation is not official until we have all the requested paperwork. Click here to submit your application. Questions? Email